Program Areas

The foundation’s current program interest areas have been funded throughout its over two decades history. These funding areas are: K-12 science education; HIV/AIDS research, education and direct services; assistance to homeless persons; and child abuse prevention and services for victims and families. The board will occasionally fund a special project outside these categorical areas and/or for regional, national or international charitable purposes.

A small portion of the grantmaking budget is provided for director matching grants to encourage and amplify personal philanthropy by the foundation’s board of directors.

In 29 years of grantmaking (1989 through 2018), grants have totaled over $9.7 million.

, grants have totaled about $7.75 million with the following mix:

HIV/AIDS Rresearch 27%
Assistance to Homeless People 28%
Child Abuse Preventions 21%
k-12 Science Education 17%
Environment/Other 7%
Total 100%

Grants have ranged from $500 to $250,000. Most are in the range from $5,000 to $15,000 and recent average (median) is $10,000. Most grants are for a one-year period although a few multi-year awards have been made.