President’s Welcome

The McCarthy Family Foundation enhances the health, welfare, education and safety of the community through family philanthropy.

2018 is our thirtieth year of grantmaking in San Diego and elsewhere in California. Our geographic and programmatic areas have undergone a few changes throughout the years, but our goals and purpose have remained steady.

McCarthy Family values have always included sharing within our community, giving back, and reaching out. Creating this foundation was a purposeful decision of the original donors with clear goals and intent, both external and internal. Our family wants to give back to the community by supporting a healthier, safer, educated society. As a family, we hope to challenge succeeding generations and encourage members to consider philanthropy as an important, necessary part of their lives. The McCarthy Family Foundation seeks to serve as a catalyst for the family to act collectively in philanthropic endeavors and collaboratively with others in our community.

In the granting of our resources to serve our mission, we give high priority to the realization of equality of opportunity for all members of society. We expect organizations and programs that we support to take appropriate affirmative steps with respect to women and disadvantaged minorities. We continue our collaborative funding with local grant makers in San Diego by partnering with Funders Together to End Homelessness – San Diego (FTEH-SD). FTEH-SD is a local collaboration of aligned resources to actively end homelessness in San Diego County. McCarthy Family Foundation contributes to the collaborative both financially as well as participating in the monthly member meetings.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of three family members and one non-family member. All directors fully participate in the proposed grants evaluation process. This includes reviewing and researching proposals and making site visits to applicant organizations. The foundation is grateful for the opportunity to serve many important needs in San Diego.

As indicated in the Financial Summary for 2017, we began 2017 with a fund balance of about $11 million and ended the year just above $11.9 million. The foundation’s annual grantmaking has averaged about $548,000 for the past five years. Further historical detail can be found under the Grantmaking History tab above.

Rachel McCarthy Henneforth