Application Procedure

A two-step process is followed. All applicants (regardless of whether they are prior grantees) should first submit a letter of inquiry, which can be submitted directly from this Web site (Letter of Inquiry). The letter (1-2 pages) must contain a brief statement describing the applicant and the need for funds with enough information for the foundation to determine whether or not the application falls within its program areas. Proposals submitted without an initial letter of inquiry will not be reviewed by the foundation.

Applicants should briefly and clearly provide a statement of their needs and the specific request to the foundation, taking into account other possible sources of funding.

Letters of inquiry will be acknowledged upon their receipt, but because the foundation operates without a professional staff, a more detailed response may be delayed.

Normally an inquiry will be assigned to a director responsible for the corresponding general area of foundation support. He or she will either: (1) in consultation with the president decline those requests that seem unlikely to result in a proposal the foundation can support; (2) request further information if a decision cannot be made on the basis of the initial inquiry; or (3) contact the applicant and invite the submission of a formal proposal. Applicants who have not had a substantive reply after a reasonable period of time should feel free to make a follow-up inquiry.

Applicants who receive a favorable response to their initial inquiry will be invited to submit a grant application. The foundation accepts the Common Grant Application of San Diego Grantmakers, which can be downloaded from this Web site.

Four copies of the application (proposal) should be submitted. Only one copy of required attachments need be submitted.

The application should be signed by the organization’s board chair or the executive director (or equivalent individuals).

The foundation does not consider grants for individuals, scholarship funds or sectarian religious activities. Normally the foundation will not consider requests for general fundraising drives. It will not make grants intended directly or indirectly to support political candidates or to influence legislation.

Letters of Inquiry/Proposal Deadlines
Grants must be approved by the board of directors, which meets semi-annually for this purpose. Letters of Inquiry must be received via online submission no later than:

  1. January 15 to be considered for a proposal invitation regarding the February 15 proposal deadline, and
  2. July 15 to be considered for a proposal invitation regarding the August 15 proposal deadline.

Generally, grant proposals received by February 15 will be considered for decision/funding in June, and grant proposals received by August 15 will be considered for decision/funding in December.

Grantees will normally be required to submit reports at least annually including self-evaluation of the project or program effectiveness.

All inquiries, applications and reports should be addressed to:

Rachel McCarthy Henneforth
The McCarthy Family Foundation
P. O. Box 27389
San Diego, CA 92198-1389